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Wheels ,Car Parts ,Motorcycle parts Brass , Copper , Stainless


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We are a Metal Polishing Company based in Drogheda , Polishing all metals, from cast alloy ,alloy, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel,
We are running 6 Years now, 6 days a week,
We can accommodate Saturday and Sunday work by Apointment Only,

Our main work is Classic Car Parts , Motorcycles parts ,Custom Work, and household items i.e. brass/copper Lamps and Door Brass.

We can also restore classic car Door Handles by stripping the chrome and repolishing the alloy to mirror,

**You can follow us on our Facebook page **


MotorCycle Parts

All metal Parts Polished from Swingarm , Forks , i.e. Contact for more info

Engines Repainted and Polished

Repainted and re-polished from old back to new Contact for more info

Honda 50 parts

Restored and Polished Contact for more info

Polished Wheels/ Rims , M/Cycle cars

Car rims always Polished , Lips or Full Rim Contact for more info


Brass Cleaned and Polished Contact for more info

Stainless Steel Parts

Hybrid ,MTB ,Road Bicycles

Hybrid ,MTB ,Road Bicycles all parts Polished

Plane Parts

As above all polished

Shiny Side Up

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fantastic excellent top class work done for my zx9r , i'm more than happy , i have and will in the future go back , well done howard

Posted by Steve Hilly Hilliard on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Great job, well done and quick turn around , top bloke !!!

Posted by Gordon Mc Mahon on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's good to get great craftsmanship here in this country and not have to send to the UK. Nice one

Posted by Alan Ross on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Top class work carried out will Defently be back to get more done

Posted by Shane Goodman on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Great work by Howard. Absolutely recommend him for polishing work.

Posted by Jim Cullen on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top class no other words 2 describe this mans work. Pure bling ✨

Posted by Thomas McDowell on Monday, November 23, 2015

super job and so helpful cant thank him enough

Posted by Rory Mc Kay on Tuesday, April 11, 2017
(8)Kieran Reilly
This man has talent... I gave him my exhaust with a lot of road rash to the metal and carbon fibre and it gave back like brand new... infact it's now better looking all polished than it was... cheers Howard


5 stars Howard on all the work that I have seen and the work you done for us top job

Posted by Olive Finnegan on Saturday, December 13, 2014


  • 27 Ballypark , Flaxmill lane ,Drogheda,Co Louth


Polishing Cloths (Lint Free)

Polishing Cloths

15 inch X 15 Inch sq The same as we use here, non scratch to be used with a Polishing Cream




Vouchers are available from 25 euro to 500euro contact us on the Facebook for more details or msg

** Vouchers are Valued for 12 months from date of Sale**


Do i have to clean the part ?

We prefer you to clean the part from oil and dirt as , much as you can ,as we will have to charge 25 euro to clean the part before we can work on it ,includes only oily parts.

What is the turnaround time ?

Turnaround time varies , summer time is quite than winter time, but generally  2-3 weeks unless it as small part or handy to do, as every parts is different to work on ,
The quicker we have the part the quicker we can work on it .

Do you polish rear sprockets ?

Yes we do but please make sure that there free from oil or a charge with be incurred

Do you collect or deliver ?

Yes we do with-in 10 miles of Drogheda only free of charge 

What do you Polish ?

(1) Car Parts
(2) MotorCycle Parts
(3) Aircraft Parts
(4) Train Parts
(5) Brass
(6) Alloy
(7) Stainless
(8) Alloy Cast (extra Charge)
*** About 90% of metal parts can be polished***

Do you Charge VAT ?

No we don't charge VAT as were below that threshold at the moment..

What Payments ?

We can accept  :
Cash :
Cheque :(must clear before goods can be released )
Bank Lodgement :

** And Paypal very soon ::

How shiny will my parts be ?

It all depends on the metal ,how old the piece is and if it is an out doors or in doors piece ,if the surface is  pitted  ,
Would have to see it first ,

What if i have tried to polish it my self first ?

Simple answer is it will cost more to finish , some people try to do  some of the work then send it to me , but then i  will have to correct your sanding or polishing,and that takes more  time ,so more time =,s more money ,

Can you Polish Shot blasted /Sand blasted parts?

The Answer in short is Yes , 
But the Price will increase as its adding extra time to Prep work , i would advice you not to blast parts before polishing , as in a way its going backwards to get the finish you require,

If anything get your parts Vapour Blasted as this will clean them and not harm the metal ,
But 9 out of 10 times there is no need for this process ,leaving you with more money to spend on your pride and Joy ,

Do you Have an online Shop ?

At the moment we only have a website and our Facebook page ,
We will Soon have our online Shop up and running we will have Polished parts for sale
Also Polishing Packs i.e..Small DIY polishing blocks and Mops,
We will also have 1kg blocks for the Heavier work loads 

Do i powder coat or polish first ?

The answer is Simple
If your going to get the centres of your rims Powdercoated and the edges/lips polished ,
We need to polish them first as the power coater can tape the part up ,but we can't touch up powder coating,

:So Polish first then Paint or Powder coat:

Drop-Off Points/Collections

We Know People can be Busy and don't Have time to  to Be Running about,so we have made it Easier for you, Now you can drop off your frames,Swingarm,or other parts to be polished , at the Following   Bike Shops 

More Drop off Points to Follow soon .


Kennedy Motorcycles, 6 Dyer Street, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland ,

Email: | Phone: 041 9838117 / 9833825

RPM ,Hill of Rath, Drogheda , Co Louth

Phone: 041 9874441 Mobile: 086 386 7569